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PCV windows, wooden doors and garage doors

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At Patio door & window store , we offer a diverse range of joinery products to match diverse customer needs. If you are looking to arrange your home, check out our wide selection of interior doors to find a model that matches your interior design. Our range also includes wooden and aluminium entrance doors, and sound-insulated doors. If you prefer proven and universal solutions, our PCV windows guarantee excellent thermal and noise insulation properties, and if you’re more of a classic enthusiast take a look at our wooden windows.

Other products from our range include outward opening Scandinavian windows, high thermal-performance Vetrex windows, and windows from other manufacturers.

Aluminium joinery

Some of the more interesting products are steel doors, which offer unique design while providing a high level of security, and fire doors. Looking for modern and functional garage doors, including sectional and up & over doors? Check out the details!


We offer accessories to complement our range of doors and windows, including door handles, beautiful fabric shades, external roller shutters, external blinds and windowsills. Our employees will be happy to assist you with any product-related questions.


Besides selling doors and windows we also provide adjustment and maintenance services, sealing and handle replacement services, and more.

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