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About us

Our company dates back to 2000. We are specialists in custom-made joinery and we have earned recognition in many European countries, where we carry out a number of projects.


Doors and windows from renowned manufacturers

These include glossy doors, steel doors, timeless wooden doors, Vetrex windows, robust garage doors, and accessories, such as fabric shades, blinds, windowsills, and more. Besides classic doors and windows, we also offer noise-absorbing doors, passive doors and outward opening windows, which have become quite popular. In other words, anything your home needs.

Our focus goes beyond sales alone: we also provide transport and installation services, construction works, and anything that is necessary to complete even the most demanding projects. Our subcontractor teams include the industry’s best professionals who can handle any challenge, and our friendly office staff are always reassuring and willing to assist you in making the right decision.

We deeply believe that our products will meet your expectations, and that the doors and windows we offer will highlight the character of buildings, ensure safety and provide the optimal protection against heat loss.

Contact us

Our sales office is located within the premises of SCMB.

ul. Santocka 39,
71-083 Szczecin

tel./fax 91 464 52 31

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